Perfectionist Crab Ring Nets

18" and 20" ring nets made with #12 tarred nylon seine twine 8" crabs caught in ring nets

1 complete ring setup - $30.00 
1 net only, along with #12 and #21 tarred lines to finish ring - $15.00
carrying net, holds 30 rings made with #21 tarred line with top and bottom rows doubled - $30.00

$150.00 minimum order

The difference between the Perfectionist Crab Rings and the store bought ones and why they work better

main line unwrapped main line wrapped up main line set for water depth top row of net is doubled

top ring should not cross bottom ring top ring pulled all the way to the side the 3 strings tied 18" up for dowel main line tied 24'" up

float is cut out and slit and supports trap

extra line wrapped up and held in place with slits

color coded line for water depth

line wrapped up for depth of water

carrying net wrapped up carrying net unwrapped ready for the rings 30 rings in carrying net

Materials needed for making a ring net

9 gauge galvanized wire
tension pins
tarred nylon seine twine
2" x 7/8" dowels dipped twice in polyurethane

2 ounce egg sinkers
5' x 11" float makes 4 floats around 5" by 1 7/8"
#5 loktite main line
sheetrock joint tape for measuring rings

                             18" Ring materials

1 - 9 gauge galvanized utility wire 56 5/8" for 18" top ring
1 - 9 gauge galvanized utility wire 34 5/8" for 11" bottom ring
1 - tension pin - 1/4" by 1 1/4" for bottom ring
1 - tension pin - 1/4" by 1 1/2" for top ring
1 - 7/8" by 2" wooden dowel 11/64" hole
1 - # 12 black tarred nylon seine twine 6' to wrap top ring
1 - # 12 black tarred nylon seine twine 4' to wrap bottom ring
3 - # 21 black tarred nylon seine twine 42" for the 3 strings
1 - egg sinker 2 ounce
1 - float around 5" by 1 7/8" supports around 21 ounces
1 - # 5 loktite main line
1 - roll of electrical tape
                             20" Ring materials

1 - 9 gauge galvanized utility wire 62 7/8" for 20" top ring
1 - 9 gauge galvanized utility wire 40 7/8" for 13" bottom ring
1 - tension pin - 1/4" by 1 1/2" for bottom ring
1 - tension pin - 1/4" by 2" for top ring
1 - 7/8" by 2" wooden dowel 11/64" hole
1 - # 12 black tarred nylon seine twine 7' to wrap top ring
1 - # 12 black tarred nylon seine twine 5' to wrap bottom ring
3 - # 21 black tarred nylon seine twine 42" for the 3 strings
1 - egg sinker 2 ounce
1 - float around 5" by 1 7/8" supports around 21 ounces
1 - # 5 loktite main line
1 - roll of electrical tape

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          Eastern Shore big crabs trip 6 August 5, 2014 - new shiny rings vs old weathered rings
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          Eastern Shore big crabs trip 8 August 18, 2014 pics and video - crabbing after someone left two of my spots
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          I am totally sold on the rings. I also have my neighbor sold on them as well. Him and I went out last weekend. I took 16 rings and he had 14 topless box traps. 
          We were catching 8 or 9 crabs in the rings to 1 or 2 in the box traps.

          Just another testimony.  Ran a line of ring nets today in a place everyone says is good late season, but no crabs summer or spring. 
          We nearly filled a bushel in 4 runs. Nice heavy crab.  Ran 4 top less as well just for kicks. 0 keepers!

          You'll be happy to know that your 10 ring traps out-fished my 1000' trot line by a factor of exactly 2 to 1.

          12 brand new Perfectionist Traps. Traps in the water at 8:30am and immediately started catching. The catch was on with some traps holding 2 & 3 crabs.
          The Perfectionist traps are so easy to use and caught crabs.  Should have bought them years ago.  I will now give away my box traps.

          Your nets BY FAR outperformed the cheap ones.

          I did my first trip of the year yesterday with the rings. This spot is known for lots of crabs but not terribly big ones.Anyway and average catch on a good day is a half bushel of #2.
          Yesterday with 20 rings i packed a bushel in three hours, a dozen crabs over 7" and the biggest at 7-3/4". Unbelievable for an early season run.
          Your traps are the best hands down and ive used them all. Light, compact, efficeint. Just thought youd like to know

          The rings have been great! My son said they were much easier than the topless traps.

          Caught a bushel of 6" plus crabs today, the crabs were all rock solid. A guy at the ramp said i see your using them perfectionist traps, how are they working, I said they suck. Haha!!!
          He said that's what we used and they work great. People know you bro.

          I'm ready for somemore traps if you have any ready. I'd like to get 10 more.

          I just bought 12 Perfectionist traps and used them for the first time 6/24. Will never go back to box traps. They are easier to use and caught a ton of crabs.  Some pulls, 2 & 3 at a time.

          Last time we went out most people had a dozen +/- that we talked to, one guy had a line and had been out all morning (we launched at 1 pm) he only had 1/2 bush.
          We had 15  "Foxy topless"  versus 15 "Perfectionist rings", same bait ,same area. We had traps/rings in the water by 1:30, finished at 6.
          We ended with 3/4 bushel of big boys...easily 75% or more caught in the rings. I wish I knew why....

          It’s almost like the crabs fall asleep when they are in the net.

          well, looks like im gonna need some more purrfecto traps. The space savns n easier to pull has my boss won over,,,,,,,,, oh, and she caught crabs

          I've used the  cheap rings years ago, and they suck.  Topless traps are much better. But Jims traps are WAY different than a cheap ring.
          So much so other than the shape, there is not much in common with them

          Those Perfectionist nets are very well designed, made from long-lasting material, and they catch really well.

          They want you to say your traps out catch a trot line so bad they can taste it.

          I have been leaving the topless traps in the truck, not even sure why I have been packing them... I make a run on the trot line and pick up the rings on the way back.
          The 1st 2 runs I got got 16 keepers on just 10 rings last time! I have gotten plenty of M/F doubles over the years, but I am getting 2 keeper male crabs in the same net from time to time.
          That never happened for me before.

          I'm reaching for Perfectionist's first. The handmade Perfectionist traps are far superior.

          Bottom line is the rings work perfectly for me and the storage aspect is my favorite part.  I prefer them over my topless and the more i use them the less I miss my topless.

          I for one appreciate everything Jim the Perfectionist has done and I'm glad to have him as a friend on the forum.
          He has shared his secrets developed over 30 years with everyone. That would have never happened without Jim sharing what works for him!
          Sorta the purpose of this forum, right?

          The rings did real good and clearly outperformed the traps.

          Best ring trap out there!! I love em', and they sure have caught me some big boys.

          Regrettably my wife purchased me similar tar dipped nets from Louisiana for Xmas. Alario brothers nets. I think I'm stuck with them.
          Your traps worked great.  My buddy complained about the secret baitholder, "we're not going to catch any with those." I told him to shut up that the traps will work.. and they did.
          My other ring traps proved to not work as well. Either they are too heavy or the line across is flipping the crab out of the trap.  Anyway, I'm cutting those lines this week.

          I loved the ease of use and how easy they stowed in my small boat.  They are perfect for me and I would like to get 8 more 18 inchers.

          Perfectionist traps were well worth the effort, and I was very happy to have purchased them.

          jim, I finally got the chance to se my new rings and I am impressed.  They catch crabs very well, are lighter to pull in, easy to get crab out and I can store them neatly in my bow hatch. 
          Going to use them along with my box traps for rest of season but will probably convert to all rings next season. My buddy, long time crabber was very impressed too.

          New traps worked great

          I was now running 20 box traps and 10 rings.  I would put 2 box traps and 1 ring and so on.  From that point on, I was catching 6-7 crabs in the rings to 1 in a box trap.

          9 Perfectionist Ring nets 6 topless traps. Got keepers on every run on the ring nets, only got 2 keepers with the box traps.

          For me the Perfectionist rings have simply worked better than my topless traps and save a ton of space on my small boat. They're helping me catch more crabs.
          I'll take any edge I can get... So far this year I have caught nearly 5 bushels in 6 trips and that's better than all of last year for me!

          Yep, chicken and the rings working great.

          ran your traps in between our lines..6 traps...14 mumbos..

          Well we were very happy with the way they worked. They caught crabs all day long like you said.

          To prove the point a little more....on October 30 my neighbor and I went crabbing on his boat.  He was VERY skeptical of the rings. 
          He told me to bring them so he can see them.  I took 16 rings, he had 14 box traps.  In about 2 1/2 hours we had about 1 1/2 bushels. 
          How did the rings compare?  Well, we were catching about 12-13 crabs a run.  Only 1-3 per run were in the box traps.

          The rings did catch more than the box traps!

          I bought some rings from perfectionist this Spring and they are better made than any other traps I have ever purchased. 
          My first trip of the year and ended up with 18 crabs, 10 of which where 7 inches or bigger. I had 30 traps, 7 older metal rings, 8 box traps and 15 of the perfectionist's ring traps.
          I caught 14 keepers on the perfectionist rings and 4 on the rest of the traps. Traps were intermixed so it is not like I had the perfectionist rings all in one hot spot.

          They certainly outcaught the box traps.

          First time I have used his traps and they worked better than the other traps I had for this trip.

          I recently purchased 8 of Perfectionist's ring traps, I was impressed with the quality of construction and the personal touch of instruction on how to use 'em.

          In three trips we have barley caught anything in the box traps. The other thing is you just don't have to pull overly hard with the rings.

          The quality of the ring traps is amazing, and without a doubt the attention to detail is worth noting. This guy is a crab trap artist regardless of whether you believe in his design or not!

          11 topless taps with clams and 9 Perfectionist rings with CN. Ran the traps and rings in 4'-15' and ran the trot line in 5'-10'.
          Used the Perfectionist ring nets to quickly locate the crabs. Got 16 big ones on the ring nets and 3 on the box traps.

          My brother-in-law took one look at the traps and said count him in!  He would like the same set up I bought.

          The ring traps are so easy to pull, stack and stow.

          As I posted the rings worked great and I am super pleased with them! I want to place an order now for next winter for thirty more.

          You have perfected a very nice product

          They also take up LESS room on the boat if you are limited for space.  My neighbor has an 18' jon boat and they take up NO room at all. 
          He also has a problem with his shoulder and cannot pull traps for an extended period of time.  The rings are easier to pull as well.

          The rings caught the crabs! That being said, I would like to order 20 more traps.

          Not sure exactly why but they surely work and catch better than my foxymate topless.

          Your rings are working great. love them.

          I had a fantastic season with them and I did catch a lot of crabs in them and I absolutely loved the ease of using them, from storing them to baiting them,
          and they have less issues when pulling up and setting them.

          ran your traps in between our lines..6 traps...14 mumbos.. 1200' of trotline.. 34 crabs

          We were running a line of 20 traps ( 7 topless, 7 perfection rings, and 6 foxy-mate boxes. As a note on the perfectionist ring traps,
          I was interested in there space saving features, which is paramount when crabbing from a sneakbox. However after using them, their effectiveness is stunning.
          3 keepers were average in them and one ring pull had 5. The Big crab of the day was 7-1/8" though we had several more right at 7" (all in rings)
          Next year I hope to run a full line of them

          After seeing almost nothing on the line I was very pleased to catch some in the rings

          Perfectionist has done all the work, Trials, perfecting the netting,the rings

          The Perfectionist ring nets worked great, caught the 2 biggest crabs and saved some space on the boat.

          I also bought a set of 30 traps from Perfectionist -- and I can tell you they are great.

          He hand makes each ring.. the nets are woven by hand.. all the little touches in those rings you will never ever find in any store bought ring..

          6 topless and 24 ring traps. Got 78 crabs. One note, the ring traps absolutely slayed the crabs compared to the topless traps this past week. I think we caught 5 total crabs on the topless traps.
          6 topless traps vs 24 ring traps = 1 to 4 ratio. Seems to me based strictly on the number, the rings should have caught 20 crabs instead of 73

          I second the opinion on the "perfectionist" traps.  I'll be purchasing more myself this winter.

          I am as cheap as they come, but I do not mind paying for quality workmanship. The floats are ingenious and the storage bag hand made from the same netting material
          makes things really simple & easy when putting out or bringing in.

          They were great Perfectionist.

          Your traps are the best hands down and ive used them all. Light, compact, efficeint. Just thought youd like to know.

          Took out my perfectionist ring  trap again,  main goal was fish today,  but I chucked out my perfection trap with 2 box traps I make.
          That trap is all that, only used it a for a little bit, but it caught the biggest crabs.

          I set my 8 rings out and ran them after 5 min soak  4 out of 8 . waited 5 mins 5 out of 8 . Decided to put out the rest of the 22 metal traps  ran them again 
          the first 8 rings had 4 crab The rest of the metals  1.... Ran again with the same results.

          In my opinion, the biggest advantage to handmade ring traps is the space savings on the boat. My stack of 30 traps weighs 28 pounds and can be carried easily in one hand.

          I also bought some of his traps, and I can tell you, considering the time and effort that goes into making a trap of that lasting quality, $30 is one [Sam Hill] of a good deal.

          I'm a trotliner, have used steel traps to scout with for 5yrs, this yr got some purrfecto rings to save space and easier pulln for wife,
          well, the steel traps have been givn away to people i dont like,,,,,  and im in line waitn for more,

          I like the way they stack their portability,and the quality of the materials. Also the construction and workmanship cant be beat. I plan on getting 10 more when I save the money up.

          My captain, also my wife of 43 years, loves the fact that they are easy to handle and don't take up much space on the deck. Maybe this post will push the thread to page 4!!

          Perfectionist traps outcrabbed 4 door box traps 5-1 this trip.

          The advantage to the ring traps is that my kids can pull them with ease compared to the box traps.  They also take up a fraction of the space in the boat, which is nice.

          Went to OC this week and the traps worked great. I would like to get 10 more traps.

          I have 15 of the perfectionist traps and they slightly outperformed my mix of other traps. Need to get another 15 as they are amazingly well made as well as
          easier to bait up and pack up afterwards.

          Hey Jim the traps work great!!!

          They were so much easier to use and store.

          They worked great! Best day ever.. Kept 24 of the biggest crabs, caught 35 or so keepers. Thanks!

          Wanted to see if we could get on the list for another 20 traps. Had great success with these at the wye over the past three weeks.

          Hey, I wanted to let you know the traps are working well.  They are very easy to use.  I caught the biggest crab of the day last week in your trap!  8 1/4 inch.
          I will be looking to get some more as soon as I can get some money together.

          I want you to know your nets caught 13 crabs off of a dock using 5 traps. I also had 9 metal traps that only caught 2.

          This is my second season using P-rings and I have done very well with them!  I also run a 1200 ft trotline, but some days I just run rings and I often do very well
          using less bait and without the need to bait and unbait a trotline.  Especially when using larger bait like a whole white perch, I sometimes get two keepers at a time. 
          When using both gear types, some of the largest crabs of the day often come from the net rings.

          1200' snood with chicken, 15 perfectionist traps (Thanks Jim I love them)
          This was my first time using perfectionist traps and I am a believer. While I couldn't tell a difference on the numbers in the traps vs line, I did notice I caught better quality. 
          The line averaged 6 crabs over 6" while the 15 traps averaged 11 over 6" each run

          The 10 perfectionist rings I got this year have met my expectations.

          I used them along side box traps and/or a trot line and inexplicably, per his constant testimony, I caught a lot more crabs every time with his rings. I came back to him and
          bought another 20 rings this season, and I never use anything else anymore.  I catch everything I need, every time.

          Your rings out performed our line.

          Not that Jim needs defending but I did a similar experiment with 8 topless and 8 Perfectionist ring nets about a month ago over at Severn River.
          In about 1.5 hours of pulling, I'very  caught a total of 14 crabs:  ratio was 11 to 3 in Jim's favor.  In 2 instances, 2 legal sized males were caught in the rings!
          Basically I hv gotten a similar result as his!