The difference detween the Perfectionist Crab Rings and the store bought ones and why they work better

                                   On the store bought rings the net is made out of cotton. The white cotton net rips and rots easily. Mine are made out of black tarred nylon.
                                   The rings themselves are made out of thin wire. They are to light and bend to easily. Mine are made out of 9 gauge tension wire.
                                   The main reason the store bought rings don't work properly is because the the top ring can cross over into the bottom ring when it hits it's resting place.
                                   Now you have a 50/50 chance of the crab being either in the bottom half of the ring or on the outside of the top and bottom ring.
                                   If it's on this half the crab is not in the ring, he's on the outside. When you pull your main line the crab is gone.
                                   It took a lot of different net sizes to come up with the right one so this doesn't happen.
                                   You've got to have the right amount of rows, columns and the right mesh size for all of this to fall into place.
                                   You also got to have the right diameter rings for this to work.
                                   There's a lot of other different things on the ring setup that make them better. Too many to go into detail.